I have had the privilege of working with author Breeana Puttroff for years. Over the course of this time we have worked on her series The Dusk Gate Chronicles to create the perfect branding and look for the Young Adult Fantasy series. When I first started out in publishing making cover designs, Breeana was one of the first clients I worked with. She had covers for her two books that were published at the time, which you can see here, along side the first set of fully branded covers we created for her series. It was a huge improvement and everyone loved the new covers.

bookcovermakeover-seedsofdiscovery bookcovermakeover-rootsofinsight







That set of covers were used for several years and helped her build her brand and series as another 5 books were written in the main series. After some time, Breeana felt that the covers might not be the perfect fit for her series. New editions had come out with changes to the stories and the brand was a bit more romantic in its tones than the covers suggested. So we went to work on a new direction for the series. Currently we are still hard at work on the last few covers in the series, but we have found that sweet spot for this wonderful series. And here are the results.



This new look has seen more excitement and interest for this series, and I am very happy with the results. What do you think of the new series look? Let us know in the comments!