So, how much can you really write about your cover being entered into a contest? Well, I'm not really sure. What I do know is I am tickled pink that you are here on my site reading my blog. So on with this we go my friends!

The lovely cover you see below in this post has been selected and is currently up against several others in InD'Tale's weekly Creme de la Cover contest. InD'Tale offers a continuous submission form for cover art. From all of those submissions, they choose 4 each week to be a part of the contest. This stage is then based on visitor votes.

"Pssst!" This is where you come in.

When a cover wins their weekly contest, it then moves on to the monthly Creme de la Cover. This puts the weekly winners from each month up against each other. Pretty neat, right?

Actually, it gets even better. From all the weekly and monthly winners over the course of a year, InD'Tale puts them all up in the yearly RONE Awards. These awards are judged by a panel of industry professionals, and they distribute physical awards to the winners! 

A Collection of   Dark Tales...

A cyborg on the edge of eternity, a lonely 10-year old girl, a curmudgeon seeking his one great novel; there are many lost souls desperate for a way out. These twenty tales, along with sometimes macabre illustrations, shows us the side of humanity we’d often like to ignore.

Check out this anthology here!

Now is when I explain that in order to make it to that panel of industry professionals, I need your help to when the weekly contest with the highest number of votes. The great news is, it doesn't take but a minute or two. Simply go to the InD'Tale site and register. Then proceed to the Creme de la Cover page and choose 64 Deaths and click the "vote" button. If you have a few minutes to do so, I would be ever so grateful.

If you are an author who I have done a cover for and would like their cover submitted, please contact me to let me know. I would be happy to submit your cover to the InD'Tale team.​ 

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