Book Cover Make-Overs

Are you an indie author? Have you published a book, but not had the budget for a professional cover to help market and sell your work? Did you make your cover yourself?

I love my work in the publishing industry, and I am also an avid reader of books, both indie and traditionally published. Some of my favorites have been indie works by authors just like you, and I want to help to get great indie published books to more readers!

So, if you answered yes to my questions above, submit your cover with a description of your journey to publishing that work today! You could be the next indie author selected for a free cover makeover!

Submissions for this are continuous, and there is no set amount of winners to be selected. I will select projects for makeovers as my schedule permits. There are no guarantees yours will be selected, but you may also resubmit once each month if you wish.

Please note that your book cover before and after if selected will be used for the makeover gallery, which is displayed on this page, Facebook, and Twitter. These makeovers are for an eBook front cover only.

Your cover could be next!